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Superhard Superlattices-

Nitride ceramics are well known for their extraordinarily high hardness, chemical stability, and corrossion resistent behaviour, they are used extensively as coating material. TiN is the most celebrates among all the nitrides as its colour resembles like that of gold. However to broaden the range of practical applications, it is important to increase the mechanical hardness of nitride materials, and one way of doing this is to make heterostructures or superlattices of these nitride materials. Theory of dislocation motion predicts that the enhancement of hardness is maximum when the difference in individual hardness of the constituent materials are maximum.

Our objective is to increase the hardness of the nitride materials and also to understand the mechanism of the same. We are exploaring (Ti,W)N/(Al,Sc)N and (Zr,Hf)N/(Sc,Y)N material systems to increase the hardness and understand the mechanism.



1. Bivas Saha, Samantha Lawrance, David Bahr and Timothy D. Sands. TiN/(Al,Sc)N Superhard Superlattices (Under Preparation)

Collaborators: David Bahr (Purdue)